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MIS Halal Bi Halal - 5/30/2020

Halal Bi Halal - 5/30/2020


Halal bi Halal signifies the last day of the seven-day ‘Lebaran’ celebration after 29 or 30 days of fasting observed by our Muslim’s members. This gathering is socially designed to maintain social bond among Indonesian. Friends, neighbors and relatives regardless their religious affiliation are invited to join this Halal bi Halal gathering.

Location: York Plaza Apartment Party Room       


Date: 5/30/20 from 3-7pm



2.30pm: Door open for setup

3.00pm: Social hour

4.00pm: Program starts


Menu (prepared by MIS):

  1. Sayur lodeh

  2. Lontong

  3. Rendang


Setup Sign Up for potluck items:

  1. Krupuk (3)

  2. Emping (3)

  3. Opor (3)

  4. Sambel goreng kentang (3)

  5. Belado telur (3)

  6. Kue kering (3)

  7. Kue bawang (3)

  8. Kue basah (5)

  9. Fruit plates (3)

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