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Social Events

Halal Bi Halal - 6/23/2018


Halal bi Halal signifies the last day of the seven-day ‘Lebaran’ celebration after 29 or 30 days of fasting observed by our Muslim’s members. This gathering is socially designed to maintain social bond among Indonesian. Friends, neighbors and relatives regardless their religious affiliation are invited to join this Halal bi Halal gathering.

Location: Apple Valley Community Center       


Date & Time: 6/23/2018 from 2.30pm-7pm

Indonesian Independence Day - 8/18/2018


The holiday is known in Indonesian as Hari Merdeka. Hari Merdeka is celebrated on August 17th each year. We’re celebrating it with flag raising ceremony, gathering while feasting Indonesian foods. The fun part of the celebration is participating in traditional Indonesia games. This includes Balap Karung or sack race, Makan Kerupuk or kerupuk eating contest, marble and spoon race, tug of war and other fun competitions.  Adults and kids of all ages have been participating in these games for a long time, and it truly symbolizes the Indonesian communal spirit.

Location: Sera’s beach      


Date & Time: 8/18/2018 from 12pm-5pm

Holiday Party - 12/15/2018

We are celebrating the season with holiday party gathering. We’ll feast delicious Indonesian foods while visiting with other members. We will have Santa sighting, some holiday crafts and kid’s talent show during this event.

Location: Apple Valley Community Center      


Date & Time: 12/15/18 from 2pm-6pm